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Welcome to the “Starch in Food: your questions answered” platform

This site is created and managed by Starch Europe, the European association representing the majority of the companies that produce starch and starch-based ingredients in Europe.
Starch ingredients, depending on the way they are made, have different uses and functions. They are used in various food products, from sauces to cakes, which we buy in supermarkets. Because of the various functions of starch based ingredients, people may find it confusing to understand why these ingredients have been used in a particular product.

We encourage you to browse the website and find out more about these ingredients. If you still have questions about starch and starch-based ingredients in food after your visit, please use this feedback form to submit your question. We will try to respond within 15 working days and will post your question and our response on this website.

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Starch Europe decided to create this website in order to provide fact-based information about the quality ingredients the sector produces to explain to you which raw materials are used to make these ingredients, how production process works, why these ingredients are used and what role they play in our diets. We hope to provide you with the information you are looking for.

Of course, starch is not only used in food but can also be found in paper production, animal feed and sustainable bio-based products. If you would like to find out more about how starch is used in these sectors, please visit the Starch Europe website.

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