Native Potato Starch

What is it?

Native potato starch is a plant-based ingredient obtained from potatoes and used in food,.

It is a carbohydrate extracted from potatoes. It is extracted from high starch content varieties of potatoes known as starch potatoes.

Native potato starch is an odourless neutrally tasting white powder. Its calorific value is 4 kcal/g (similar to all other carbohydrates)…

It can also be produced as a side stream product, obtained during the slicing process of consumer consumption potatoes. The starch, in suspension in water, is separated, then washed, purified and finally dried. This results in native starch with high physical, and chemical purity.

Where and Why is it used?

Native potato starch is used for a wide range of practical purposes in food products. Its high water-binding capacity is useful in noodles, soups and sauces, canned vegetables, meat and bakery products, snacks and confectionaries, dry mixes and a variety of extruded food products.

It provides high viscosity and heightens the taste, odour and colour of the food in which it is used, thanks to the low protein and fat/lipid content, making it a flexible ingredient in many foods, providing good organoleptic properties.

Potato starch starts to bind water at a lower temperature compared to other starches.

Native potato starch is also very suitable for use in pet food and animal nutrition. It serves as a digestible energy source for animals too and allows adapting and/or improving the texture of the finished product during palletisation and extrusion processes.

Whenever native potato starch is used in food, “(potato) starch” will be listed on the ingredients list.


Ingredient family

Native starch

Energy value

4 kcal/g


Ingredients List: (Native) Starch or Potato Starch

Nutritional Table: Carbohydrates

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