Spotlight on ingredients


Starches are complex carbohydrates since they are made up of long chains of sugar molecules. Starches are used in many food and non-food applications. In food, starches are mainly used to improve the nutritional and sensory quality of our everyday food products....
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Maltodextrins are widely used in food formulations and have been for almost half a century. They are an excellent source of energy for all, including babies and athletes, as they are easily digested. Maltodextrins have a low level of sweetness, are soluble, and have texturizing, gelling, emulsifying...
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Starch-based sugars

Starch-based sugars are not very different from the table sugar we have in our kitchen, except that they are made from starch instead of beet or sugarcane. They also contain the same number of calories (about 4 kilocalories per gram)....
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Polyols, also known as sugar alcohols, are made from maize or wheat. Polyols are used in an increasingly wide variety of food products, primarily because of its great benefits on intestinal health. Polyols are low-digestible carbohydrates which, in contract with sugar, are hardly absorbed in the sma...
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Proteins & Fibres

After removing starch from cereals such as wheat and maize, the remaining vegetable matter is a combination of protein and fibres. These proteins and fibres are often collected and returned to the farming industry in the form of animal feed. Furthermore, part of the extracted starch is isolated and...
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