Native Barley Starch


What is it?

Native barley starch is a plant-based ingredient used in food and beverages. It is obtained from barley.

Native barley starch is comparable to native wheat starch. Barley is a white to off-white powder with a neutral odour and taste. It has an energy value of 4 kcal/g like all other carbohydrates.

Native barley starch is a carbohydrate physically extracted from barley grains, separating proteins and fibres to other uses.

Where and Why is it used?

Native barley starch can be used in many types of food, e.g. to thicken custards, desserts, sauces and instant foods. It can also be used for binding and moisture retention and as an emulsifier or stabilizer. It is used also in confectionery, bakery and snacks, sauces, soups and beverages. In addition, native barley starch is often used raw material for beer production.

Barley starch can potentially be allergenic for some people due to the presence of small amounts of gluten. Although processing often removes the gluten protein, some residual gluten can remain. Some barley starch products can be used in “gluten free” and in “very-low gluten” food, when the remaining gluten is below the levels determined by EU legislation. However, there is no exemption on botanical origin labelling for barley starch and “barley” origin needs to be labelled as an allergen in the ingredients list.

Barley starch is listed as “(barley) starch” on the ingredients list.


Ingredient family

Native Starch

Energy value

4 kcal/g


Ingredients List: (Native) Starch or Barley Starch

Nutritional Table: Carbohydrates

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