How Does the Starch Industry Promote Sustainability?

By valorising the entire crop to serve food, feed and industrial customers, while reducing our environmental footprint, the EU starch industry continues to seek ways to decrease impact and as such contribute to Sustainable Food Systems

The starch industry does not only produce starch. The over-riding objective of starch producers is to valorise all the components of the agricultural raw materials. We process every part of the plant, such as fibers and protein, and produce minimal waste - over 99% of the crop is used.

The starch industry has also been constantly innovating to reduce its own environmental footprint through, for example, the increased use of combined heat and power in its plants, and the increased use of bio-mass as an energy source and reducing the number of trucks on the road by increasing usage of rail and barge transportation.

We continue to work with our farmers to deliver sustainability across all the crops we use. Many members of Starch Europe are members of SAI Platform and seek to embed their standards with the farmers we are sourcing from.

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